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Вот очередной кусок моего эпического полотна:

Историческая справка: Концерт One Direction, Монреаль - 5/09/2015:

Интервью Лиама для Attitude magazin (10.09.2015)
Медведи в Монреале:
Объяснение о медведях и фото:
For the first time, the Blue Happy Sticker and Green Happy Sticker are right next to each other, overlapping a bit. The Green Happy Sticker is slightly on top of the Blue Happy Sticker. Little spoon, anyone?

The book is Invitation to a Royal Wedding, featuring pictures of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. Both cover photos were engagement photos. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were commonly referred to as The Royal Couple. This is also used within the Larry fandom to refer to Louis and Harry. Random tidbit about Princess Diana: it is said that Freddie Mercury helped her dress as a man to disguise herself in order to visit a gay bar. Prince Charles also has ties to a phone-leak scandal, making this the third concert in a row with RBB references to legal battles. Hrm. Hrmmmmm.

The photo in the frame in front of the front cover is Frank Pearson. Frank was a popular female impersonator in North of England, appearing as Foo Foo Lammar, and was known for his caustic wit and repartee with tough northern audiences. Frank was also knows as a shrewd businessman, and raised money for charities.

The photo in the frame in front of the back cover is Mado Lamotte. Mado Lamotte is the stage name of Luc Provost, a Montreal drag queen, author, singer, and gay community.personality. In 2002, she opened her own drag cabaret, Caberet Mado in Montreal’s Gay Village.

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