Lucy Wildheart
Sorry I broke the internet with my butt (с) Phil Lester

What (who) else have James Bay and Niall Horan in common? Only hat or.... ??

Actually, I discovered James Bay for myself! And I like it very much!!! He's great singer! What a voice!!! I'm in awe!!!
But actually I'm just patiently waiting for Niall to bring back his blond locks! He doesn't need any hat, only his beautiful bleached curls )))

And, obviously, they share some drummer... who plays not only drums but percussion and... he even can play with his face....
Tell me, please, why he always make that face during Niall's performance?! It looks like he's having longlasting orgasm when Niall is singing... ))))

@темы: ох уж эти мне ирландцы!, БЕЗОБРАЗИЕ!!11, Niall Horan